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We have put together a great team and a wonderful dealership. On top of that we provide wonderful Mazda products. We have set ourselves up for success and now the only missing piece is your feedback.

We need you to tell us how we are doing, and we need you to let us know if there is anything that we could be doing better. We strive to be the best dealership that we can be, everyday, but there is always room for improvement. We just need you to tell us where we can improve so that we can be an even better place to buy and service Mazdas.

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Stephen 22 Oct 2015
Each time I've used Jeff Schmitt Mazda, in Beavercreek, Ohio, I've received friendly, helpful, and timely service. It's service worth coming back for!
5 rate
Kent 18 Oct 2015
Very accommodating to delays on client-side unforseen circumstances. I have delay of information due to a name change that required multiple rechecks and the dealership handled it pretty good.
5 rate
Cheryl 26 Sep 2015
We came into Mazda dealership several times undecided about what we wanted to get. We returned on several occasions because we were comparing many other vehicles. We met with Catherine McMillian, but she gave us service with a smile and is a great PR person. Everyone at this dealer treats you lik...e family. We are on our second CX9 from this dealership. Show more
5 rate
Robert 24 Sep 2015
in and out pretty quickly, and person waiting on me was extra nice , the waiting room was clean and comfy
5 rate
Kia Buyer 19 Sep 2015
We went to Jeff Schmitt Mazda in Beavercreek to look at a used Ford Escape and bought a used Kia Sportage. Our salesman (Adam) was very helpful when the Ford Escape wasn't right for us. Our salesman, the sales manager and the finance consultant stayed way past closing to help us purchase the Kia Spo...rtage. They were very nice and made us feel very comfortable in the purchase process. The price I negotiated was comfortable with us and this made the sale possible. I would highly recommend Jef Schmitt Mazda. Thanks to Adam, Aaron and Nick for making us feel welcome. They proved they really did work for us. Show more
5 rate
Robin 19 Sep 2015
I have never purchase a Mazda car before but over the last several years have liked the look of the vehicle. I did research on Mazda and really liked the safety features and the overall quality of the car. I have had bad experiences in the past with purchasing vehicles that I was hesitant to go thro...ugh the process. However, I had recently read about the True Car website and really liked the concept of the program. I couple of weeks ago I entered my information and received a true car certificate from another dealership (not Jeff Schmitt) initially to test drive the Mazda 3. I went to the dealership and very displeased to find out that this other dealership would not honor the True Car price. I felt uncomfortable about the process and left the dealership. I decided to try one more time. I entered the information on True Car and Jeff Schmidt auto was a certified dealer who sent me a True Car certificate. The quote was an even better price than I received previously but was I skeptical that this would not be honored. However, I really liked the car and decided to try one more time. I went to Jeff Schmitt Mazda and met with Sales Consultant Jeff Emerick and test drove the Mazda 3. I was really impressed with Jack's knowledge and the ease of explaining the features on the Mazda 3. He was easy to talk to and I felt comfortable. When we sat down to go over the pricing of the vehicle he did not hesitate to honor the True Car Certificate. He has followed up with me to ensure that I have all of the tools and website information that I need. I was also impressed with Joshua Long who was the financing consultant. I was very pleased with his assistance in getting me through this process. There are so many options and information that is given to you at one time and he was extremely patient. I had follow up questions and he was available to answer all of my questions both in person and by phone. I am very pleased with the service of the Jeff Schmitt team. Show more
5 rate
Scottw 18 Sep 2015
I recently purchased a used SUV from Jeff Schmitt Mazda. I initially went to the dealership to look at a few specific vehicles that I identified through an online search. When I stopped at the dealership, Cat was the first to welcome me and asked if I needed assistance. Since I knew the vehicles I interested in I said "no", and Cat left me alone to do my looking. When I wanted to do a more thorough check of the vehicles, Cat quickly and efficiently obtained key sets and answered all of my questions. We then took one of the vehicles for a test drive. I thought I noticed an issue with the way the vehicle drove, so Cat said she would have a mechanic look at it, and within less than an hour after I left the dealership, Cat had me talking with the mechanic (turns out there was nothing wrong with the vehicle, just my inexperience with 4-wheel drive). When I was ready to make an offer on the vehicle, I called Cat on the phone and made my offer. Cat immediately presented my offer and called me back within 10 minutes to say they had accepted my offer. Cat was professional,friendly, helpful and efficient. She as not pushy, as many sales people can be, but pleasant and accommodating. I would recommend her to my friends who are looking to buy a vehicle. Show more
5 rate
Herby 11 Sep 2015
Your sales associates were very friendly and honest, at least to my knowledge, about different options for my vehicle and what would help me stay within my budget.
5 rate
Cheryl 02 Sep 2015
Your staff was awesome. Very professional and courteous. Paul helped me find the right car for me. He made me feel at eade and wasn't pushy at all. I will be back. You have such a great staff!
5 rate
Thomas 30 Aug 2015
Chad helped immensely in arranging a way to pick up my auto after hours. His attention to customers is amazing.
5 rate
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